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I had my first Chai Cola today. Have to admit, fresh off the ice, that first taste was a new adventure for my tastebuds -- very rich, the chai-sweetness-carbonation is so different! Second taste was smoother.

I was definitely enjoying it by the third taste!I don't generally drink sodas/soft drinks due to the sugar and acidity. The Chai Cola tasted smooth and refreshing, and packed tea/chai pep that was just as smooth and refreshing!I would definitely have it again.

Tamara P.

Taylor's Tonics of Santa Cruz offers a simple yet unique idea with its Redwood forest-brewed Chai Cola. A bubbly concoction featuring main ingredients of yerba mate, ginger, and black chai tea, this cola is sweetened with evaporated cane juice and tastes like a supercharged hybrid of ginger ale and root beer.

The chai's pronounced notes of cardamom and clove make this an original flavor in the cola landscape. These spices also give the beverage an adult air-- this ain't your kid's Coke.

Sheila C.

Mate' Mojito is the most amazing thing I have ever tasted. You are a mixology genius. My husband spent time in Brazil where mate' is the beverage of choice. He brought some home and I can't say I enjoyed it. I have searhed out different mate' teas and found some pleasant ones. Your tonic is the perfect blend for my husband and I . I am a lime and mint type of girl and he is a mate' loving man, together you have created our drink of choice!Wish we could get it at more stores!

Mark T.R.H.

folks,bought a bottle of chai cola on a whim

just wanted to tell you that i thought it was one of the best soft drinks i've ever had.

aromatic, interesting and *mildly* sweet. loved it.

Darian S.

Omg, no wait ,OMG ,no wait ,OMG that is the best stuff i have ever tasted!!!!

and i have had many many cups of chai throughout India!!!!!

Your flavor is perfect!!

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