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Chai Cola

From deep within Redwood Country we are pleased to bring you this unique tonic of uncommon delight:

“Taylor’s Tonics Chai Cola”!


Our sterling herbal blend is kettle brewed to capture the vigor of estate-grown black tea, ginger root, and cinnamon bark, (to name a few of the cola’s choice spices).

The result? Refreshing reanimation from this curative and & effervescent elixir!

Revive your verve, hoist a cold one!

Café Azteca

Taylor’s Tonics Café Azteca (formerly Cola Azteca) is based upon a traditional recipe of energizing and flavorful botanicals. Cocoa, Coffee Bean, Cinnamon and a touch of Cayenne are sure to enliven your senses.

Rich, effervescent, and naturally delicious… Cheers!

Only the name has changed – the recipe is the same and delicious as ever!